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Environmental Projects

Below are a few examples of completed Environmental projects

Environmental management support

Environmental management support to UK manufacturing sites of an international chemical company covering all routine “E” issues, e.g.  IPC Authorisations, PPC permit applications, regulator liaison, emissions monitoring and reporting, waste management, staff training.  “Top-up” to in-house resources as needed.

Environmental review

Carrying out an initial environmental review of aspects and impacts as required for ISO 14001 at manufacturing sites.  Presenting results as a gap analysis.  Defining priorities for action and assisting with implementation.

Environmental noise survey

Carrying out an environmental noise survey in accordance with the requirements of BS 4142 in support of a PPC permit application.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Developing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for facility compliance with various legal requirements (e.g. IPC, PPC, COMAH, and Habitats Regulations).  Includes research of local environment, description of key features of interest, screening assessment, significance tests, and demonstration of adequacy of existing arrangements.

Stack emission monitoring

Stack emission monitoring to evaluate compliance with IPC/APC Authorisation conditions.  Isokinetic sampling of particulates and presentation of results; liaison with regulators over appropriate actions to ensure compliance; cost-effective compliance.