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Management of EHS

Managing compliance with the ever-increasing demands of EHS requirements and risks facing a business is a complex and time-consuming task.  Each organisation is unique in its requirements and there is no “one size fits all” solution.  HSE recognise this in their guidance document HSG65 “Managing for health and safety” where they advocate three core elements to effectively manage health and safety – leadership and management, a trained/skilled workforce, and an environment where people are trusted and involved.  Underpinning this is a clear understanding of the risk profile of the business (through sensible risk assessment), nurturing and developing competence, and active involvement of trained and motivated workers.

Gillies Associates Limited has worked with many organisations to help them manage all aspects of health and safety and environmental protection.   Projects have included reviews of existing arrangements, legal compliance audits, initial scoping and design of management systems, and staff training.  More details are given in the following sheets: