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LEV Testing LEV Testing

 Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems are a common and very important way of controlling airborne contaminants at work. Many cases of occupational disease and ill-health can be prevented by stopping people breathing in too much dust, fumes, gases, vapours and mists in the workplace.

A well-designed LEV system which is properly maintained and used will reduce the number of avoidable cases of lung disease caused by excessive exposure to harmful contaminants.

Help at all stages of design, installation, commissioning and testing of LEV systems is offered by Gillies Associates Limited. The following services are available:

  • Review of LEV needs and preparing a specification. Particular attention is paid to the design of hoods and ductwork – critical features of any LEV system. Liaising with suppliers to obtain quotations for successful control solutions.
  • Installation and commissioning of new or modified LEV systems. Working closely with the selected LEV supplier we can ensure that the system is installed as designed, check that the system performs as intended and is effective in controlling exposures, and document the outcome in a commissioning report.
  • Advise on appropriate maintenance procedures and regular checks needed to ensure the LEV system continues to operate effectively post-commissioning. This includes developing tailored checklists, maintenance schedules and records (User manual and logbook).
  • Statutory thorough examination and test of each LEV system as required under COSHH and other relevant legislation. A thorough visual examination, measurements of technical performance of the system, and an assessment of the effectiveness of the LEV in controlling operator exposure.
  • Trouble-shooting and investigation of problems with existing LEV systems.