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Keeping abreast of the most up to date legislation in the environment, health and safety fields is a difficult task, let alone trying to interpret and understand its relevance to your operations.  The flow of UK and EU legislation in the EH&S fields continues to increase.  Translating the legal jargon into plain English and knowing what actions to take to keep in compliance with the law can seem a daunting prospect.

Gillies Associates Limited provides practical help in a number of ways to ensure legal compliance:

  • Conducting a review of compliance with existing UK and EU Environment, Health and Safety legislation, either by desktop documentation review or a site auditing process, and providing a report showing compliance status and areas requiring attention
  • Drawing up a Register of applicable legislation covering H&S and Environmental issues
  • Assisting with the preparation of applications for Environmental permits, substantial variations, and COMAH Safety Reports
  • Producing tailored “Position Papers” on draft legislation describing the status and timetable for implementation, main features, and recommended actions for compliance.
  • Providing an overview of legislation in particular topics for specific client circumstances, e.g. waste issues, handling of chemicals, air pollution, use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Giving senior management and staff briefings on key pieces of legislation
  • Providing expert witness services in the event of legal claims