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Noise at Work Noise at Work

Exposure to loud noise at work can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. Other hearing problems such as tinnitus (a ringing, buzzing or whistling in the ears) can occur, and immediate and permanent damage may be caused by very high level peak noise.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 requires Employers to take measures to prevent work-related hearing damage.   Action levels are set for daily personal noise exposure above which mandatory actions must be taken.  A new Exposure Limit Value of 87 dB(A) is the maximum level of exposure permitted in any circumstance.

The Regulations place emphasis on the importance of effective noise control measures, maintenance of equipment, worker information and training, and health surveillance. The starting point is an accurate assessment of the likely exposure and risk of hearing damage to all employees.

Gillies Associates Limited can help ensure compliance with the Noise Regulations by:

  • Noise surveys to quantify actual noise exposures of workers, comparison with Exposure Limit Values and Exposure Action Values, identification of high noise areas and machinery, and evaluation of the adequacy of existing noise control measures
  • Advice on selection of appropriate hearing protection, marking of hearing protection zones, and proper use and fitting
  • Implementation of an effective Hearing Conservation Programme
  • Provision of training and instruction
  • Specialist services including engineering control measures and health surveillance are available through associate companies