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Physical Agents

Excessive exposure to physical agents in the working environment such as Noise, Vibration, and Thermal stress can result in serious and irreversible harm.  Noise-induced hearing loss, Vibration White Finger, and over-heating or hypothermia at work are examples of harmful effects that can occur from excessive exposure to physical agents in some sectors of industry. 

Even if overt health effects are not experienced, the physical working environment can have a negative impact on worker performance and well-being. 

Assessing risks to health in both short-term and long-term from exposure to Physical Agents is a specialist area of work which Gillies Associates Limited can help you with.  Controlling risks to an acceptable level will prevent harm to the health of your employees, and demonstrate compliance with your legal duties as an Employer.

Gillies Associates Limited can help you assess the risks and develop appropriate controls for a range of physical agents:

Noise at Work NOISE

We can assist in assessing occupational noise exposure of staff, giving advice on practical noise control solutions, evaluating the suitability of hearing protection, and all aspects of compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (see separate Service Sheet)


We can advise on protecting workers from exposure to harmful vibrations at work, either Hand-Arm Vibration (e.g. from using vibrating hand tools) or Whole Body Vibration, and compliance with the requirements of the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.


We can carry out surveys to help assess worker exposure to excessively hot or cold working environments and recommend appropriate control measures.  Using standard parameters and Temperature Indices such as the WBGT Index we can characterise the features of the thermal environment and pinpoint effective changes to working practices or equipment to ensure that exposures are properly controlled.