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Waste Management Waste Management

Efficient management of waste is becoming increasingly important as regulation increases, disposal costs go up, and options for disposal face tighter constraints.

Many organisations have demonstrated the advantages of good waste management resulting in cost savings, avoidance of litigation and bad publicity, and competitive advantage via  improved customer relations and supply chain confidence.

Gillies Associates Limited  brings a practical approach to this issue together with in-depth knowledge and experience of waste legislation and enforcement.  We can help in a number of ways:

    • Conducting a waste audit to quantify and characterise existing wastes, and to estimate the cost of waste to the business
    • Prioritising waste streams for reduction based on potential cost savings, environmental risk, process impact, and legal compliance
    • Identifying options for waste minimisation and evaluating opportunities for reuse and recycle of individual wastes
    • Reviewing legal compliance and providing recommendations on future developments in legislation and Government policy
    • Classification of wastes in line with the European Waste Catalogue and assessment of wastes in accordance with hazardous waste regulations and associated guidance
    • Cost-effective compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations