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BOHS logo

BOHS - the professional body for occupational hygiene in the UK.  Useful information on seminars, conferences, regional meetings, training courses, etc.

EDIE logo

EDIE - contains up to date news and articles on UK, European and global environmental issues.

HSE logo

HSE - is the enforcing body responsible for health and safety regulation in Great Britain. Their website contains a wealth of useful information.  HSE also act as the Competent Authority for the implementation of the REACH Regulations in the UK

HSE - COSHH Esentials

IOM logo

IOM - site contains occupational and environmental health, hygiene and safety news, with useful links to other informative H&S sites.


SHE Impact logo

SHE Impact - An independent consultancy specialising in an holistic approach to safety, health, wellness and environment.

Hirst Consultancy logo

Hirst Consulting Ltd - An independent consultancy with wide experience in provision of occupational hygiene, safety and environmental services.

Chemsage logo
ChemSage Ltd
- An independent consultancy offering regulation and compliance services to SMEs.